Saskia Griffiths-Moore

International British Folk and Abbey Road artist Saskia Griffiths-Moore is increasingly known for her crystal clear vocals and melody led songwriting. Featured on Sky TV 6 times and awarded 3 major grants from Arts Council England, she has also proven herself on Kickstarter, flaunts two guitar endorsements, receives regular national BBC radio play and holds 4&5 star reviews.

“That’s lovely…what a super voice” – Genevieve Tudor, BBC Radio Shropshire
“…her pensive and positive songs exhibit a clarity of both thought and expression..” Living Tradition Magazine
“…a fine singer-songwriter…wonderful voice and great guitar playing” Johnny Coppin, BBC Radio Gloucestershire
“…it was this heart-on-your-sleeve style that soon drew in the audience…” Sophia Mosley, Marine Theatre ‘Backstage’

Starting out as a street performer in 2015, she has been taken up by the media, and featured 6 times on Sky TV, been awarded Arts Council funding 4 times, released 2 full original albums (‘Night & Day’ 2017, ‘Ocean & Stars’ 2019) and one album of folk music (‘Baez, Dylan & Me’ 2019) recorded at Abbey Road studios.

Receiving glowing 4 & 5 star reviews in national magazines (RnR & Maverick Magazines), featured on BBC introducing in London, played over national radio, numerous regional BBC stations, and having a music video premiered over international TV on Sky’s ‘Keep It Country’ channel, these 4 short years have seen her take flight from being an independent crowdfunding queen, to popularised over the media.

“We suspect that the main sticking point in ongoing Brexit negotiations is in fact, Brussels’ insistence that we hand over Saskia Griffiths-Moore” The Folk Show, Keep It Country TV, Sky TV
“The sound of a major artist” * Rnr magazine
“Rising star of the UK folk scene” Music republic magazine
“Expertly crafted and expertly played” **** Maverick Magazine

Following her debut album tour in early 2016, Saskia embarked on an unusual and successful tour of entirely donation based concerts later that year, which won her her second round of Arts Council funding, as well as generating new fans and new interest in her unorthodox methods. 2017 saw her touring internationally for the first time, breaking into Belgium, and releasing her second original album (‘Night & Day’) with a new 5 piece folk super group featuring multi award winning players. In 2018 she gained her first endorsement from Agnew Instruments and performing to a 800 person crowd in Portugal, which she quickly followed up with a second sponsorship from JWC Guitars in 2019, helping to fund her latest album.

Currently, she resides in London, and focuses her efforts on creating unusual and joyful experiences for people through music. Including sending a CD around the world through fans, creating a music video out of postcards fans sent in from their home-towns from all over the world, and most recently, bringing her fans into Studio 2 in Abbey Road Studios to form a make-shift choir and back her in her new single release.

2020 is full of international plans to see her take her music into America, Canada, follow up on her 2019 concerts in Denmark and Germany, and re-visit Holland. She is focusing now on releasing singles over the year and building up to an EP launch.